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Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching is different from therapy.  My role as a parent coach is to provide you as the parent, with parenting tools and techniques designed for the healthy relationship and development of your children in individual sessions that are structured to meet your parenting goals.  This may include education about child development, behavior management, communication skill building, and the successful implementation of positive strategies to meet your parenting needs. 

Many parents today are struggling with the challenges of raising children.  Children today are influenced by social media, academic pressure, their peers, bullying, and a variety of other factors that may influence their behavior.  Parents are often at a loss at how to establish limits and boundaries, while maintaining a healthy relationship with their children.  In working with parents, I utilize the tools and techniques from the Love and Logic curricula, books, DVDs, as well as other communication tools and educational material to meet the goals established for your parenting needs. 

Parent coaching sessions are 90 minutes in length and consist of a minimum of three sessions. 

Parent coaching sessions are scheduled for every other week for 4-6 sessions.  The session costs are as follows:

$495 for 4 sessions  

$720 for 6 sessions

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